2021’s Top 10 Fashion Accessories for Men

2020 is finally over, and vaccines are beginning to roll out; it’s time to get out of the misery of sweatpants and return to the streets in style. There is a common misconception that ‘religiously adhering to trends equates to good dressing.’ Still, in our opinion, the key to good dressing is ‘rocking the ordinary look with extraordinary fashion accessories.’ So my good men, loosen up your pockets and invest in these ten classy and chic accessories.



The very first men’s accessory essential are bracelets. If you haven’t been using bracelets before, it’s time to start now. The trend of men’s bracelets has been here for a while now, and they’ll continue to dominate even in 2021. While choosing the bracelet, keep in mind your style preferences as it has an undeniable impact on what type of bracelets will suit you the best. Whether you’re into classy clothes or funky street style fashion, or anything in between these, there is a perfect bracelet out there that flawlessly fits your style.

While styling bracelets, remember that it should be subtle in detail and not the attention stealer from your outfit. Make it chic, subtle yet attractively noticeable.

Style tip: Men who wear suits and ties should go for something more metallic and luxurious, like a beaded silver chain bracelet with metallic detailing. On the other hand, If you are into comfy and casual clothes, experiment with laid-back bracelets in cool colors.

Depending on the bracelet style, you can layer or stack many bracelets or go with just one classy bracelet. There are no rules, but we suggest avoiding matching bracelets on both of your wrists and leaving one wrist unoccupied for a neat image.




The second must-have accessory is a classic chain. This simple accessory is one that comes in countless styles and sizes, and patterns. You can purchase a shorter and thinner chain if you’re looking for something subtle, or if you are an experimental man, try out something thicker or longer with considerable volume.

Style tip: If you’re new to wearing chains, the best suggestion is to invest in durable and timeless stainless steel chains. Even after regular wear, they won’t rust, lose color, or corrode. If classic gold or silver chains don’t resonate with your style, go in for a black chain necklace. Black is a modern alternative to golds and silvers, and it looks good on every man.



Wristwatches never go out of style. A watch is not only a piece of accessory; it is a form of self-expression. The kind of watch on your wrist tells a lot about your lifestyle. Keep that in mind while choosing a watch to wear, guys.

In 2021, there are two significant trends that one can quickly notice while buying watches. The first trend is simplistic and plain design watches. The look of these watches is usually minimalist, and the color is very neutral. The great advantage of owning these types of watches is that they are very versatile and can be paired easily with a casual outfit and a classic formal suit.

The second trend at the moment is detailed skeleton watches. These watches look incredibly luxurious. Apart from these two latest trends you can also invest in digital watches, analog watches, automatic watches, or perfect vintage watches.

Style tip: If you want to pair a skeleton watch, avoid wearing worn-out collar shorts and tees. Instead, select something smart casual or a suit. The other tip is as people pay attention to watches, invest in at least one that is casual to wear daily and the other for more formal festive occasions.

Suit accessories


Wearing dapper suits to create a classy look is a big trend right now. Therefore, you need to own suits and accessorize them properly to create an impactful look. Only wearing a suit is not acceptable. So with proper suit accessories, we mean that you need to find the perfect matching ties, pocket squares, tie clips, cufflinks, bowties, and lapel pins. Try to spark out your look with extravaganza colors and materials. Try a knitted tie or select a bright-colored pocket square.

Style tip: Men, be careful that when you are wearing suit accessories with patterns, don’t match your tie with the pocket square. Create color coordination, but patterns with patterns don’t match.



The biggest misconception surrounding rings is that the only ring a man should wear is their wedding band. Lately, things have changed, and men are finally starting to realize the potential of rings as a perfect fashion accessory. We are sure that men’s fashion rings will be more of a common sight in 2021. There are numerous masculine rings available in-stores, which resonates entirely with the modern men’s style.

Style tip: while accessorizing rings, less is more. Avoid wearing a ring on every finger. Wear one, two, or three rings simultaneously, but any more will make it look over the top. Also, to bring your jewelry game more on point, pair a bracelet that matches the look and add a similar ring to that.



Sunglasses are both practical and timeless. They were first created to protect eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. However, with the passing time, they have become more fashionable. A well-suited sunglass showcases a man’s style game perfectly.

Style tip: Now, whether you like to own numerous sunglasses or the classy one sunglass, we suggest that you definitely should own a classic pair of neutral-colored aviators or wayfarers. These glasses flawlessly fit every look from a casual day party to funeral. After the essential pair are covered, play with colors and designs to top up your look.



When choosing a bag, never forget that their primary purpose is to hold your items, but the secondary goal is to elevate your look. Hence, either, select good messenger bags as they are incredibly chic, or go in with cross-body strap bags that are extremely comfortable. For formal meetings on the other hand use a briefcase in neutral shades.

Style tip: Match up all your leather goods to bring out a significantly elevated sharper look.



Footwear is not truly an accessory; rather, they arguably are essential clothing pieces in an outfit for men. Shoe styles are incredibly varied and come in different styles, sizes, and shapes (like pointed, rounded, etc).

Though the most significant trend in shoes dominating through 2020 are sneakers. These sneakers are nothing but casual sporty looking shoes that come in varied colors and patterns. Today we can shop retro feeling sneakers that have a modern feel for any legit look. There are everyday athletic sneakers, color-blocked sneakers, top toned sneakers, and top high sneakers. Sneakers are the trend we want to stick by even in 2021 with all our heart.

Style tip: If you are looking for something to pair with a formal outfit, select leather. For a more casual look, try on Sandals that should be worn without socks. If someone is experimenting with a casual, yet, a bit formal look, try on sneakers.



Belts are an everyday accessory for many working men designed to keep your pants secured around the waist. But, with the arising rap culture, belts are now commonly used as fashion statements. Today, they come in both classic and over the top colors to fit your styling needs perfectly.

Style tip: The correct way to pair a belt is to match it with your shoes to bring uniformity in your outfit.

Fisherman Beanies


According to us, the last trend that’s going to sweep its way in 2021 is fisherman beanies. These will provide your noggin’ warmth.  If you style them carefully, they can be the hottest yet comfortable headwear.

Style tip: To pull out a good look and get a snug fit, roll up the bottom of the hat upwards. You can also let it sit at the back of your head for a more chill vibe. This accessory is going to polish off any outfit, casual or otherwise, effortlessly in winters.

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