Best Business Casual Outfits for Men

Old traditional workplace norms continue to evolve and change their course with an added spice of modern times, and we suppose so are the business dress codes. Have you watched Mad Men? The casual dress attire, liberating, and more experimental patterns of formal outfits of Don Draper and his ilk are exactly what qualifies for business casual outfits and that is going to be the biggest trend in 2021. So if you are going to your workplace wearing a jacket, blazer with a dress shirt, and no tie, we believe you are on the right fashion path.

The business casual outfit codes continue to be an elusive concept with no precise cut edges or defined rules and guidelines. Even fashion enthusiasts don’t know which attire gets thumbs up for business casual. These vague breakouts are exactly why so many professional men are still in confusion as to what qualifies as business casual and in what they will look like business clowns. They are constantly confused about whether they should style a shirt with jeans, pants with a t-shirt, or a tuxedo without a tie?

If you have landed on this blog after cursing the google search engines, you have made the right choice. We have solutions to all your queries, and you don’t have to worry about a business casual attire faux pas. We are here to get you up to speed, so read the details carefully and awestruck everyone in the office on Monday.

What does Business Casual Outfit Mean?

Let’s start to learn about business casual attire by understanding what exactly it means. The denotative meaning of business casual outfits states, “ it is a style that’s not quite as formal as traditional office wear but still designed to render a professional or business-like impression.” The definition certainly leaves a lot of space for interpretation and including the word casual seems to part more confusion. For decades casual clothes have been referred to as graphic t-shirts and tropical shorts with flip-flops, and if you go dressing in these to your office on a regular workday, we are not sure that it will lead you to the right spot. So in our understanding, “business casual attire” has more of a business element than it has casual, and we believe it is only fair.

Dos and Don’ts of Business Casual Outfits

Next up, solidify your grip over the men’s business casual outfits code; let’s start by briefing you up with the basics. Read these general “dos” and “don’ts” to understand what is acceptable and what’s not.


  • Do style a bespoke blazer made using quality material.
  • Do wear buttoned shirts in neutral colors. Cotton and rayon, preferably.
  • Do pair an o-neck tight-fitting sweater/cardigan with a collared shirt.
  • Do don dress trousers, chinos, khakis, cotton, etc. You can also style tight-fitting denim, but it’s not fail-proof.
  • Do wear clothes of neutral, monochromatic colors at the start of your job.
  • Do include straightforward patterns in your wardrobe once you get hold of styling business casual outfits.
  • Do wear only dress shoes.


  • Don’t wear vibrant colors; they can spoil your business casual fashion game.
  • Don’t wear attention-seeking busy patterns.
  • Don’t go for informal sneakers, flip-flops, sandals, or any such ultra-casual footwear.
  • Don’t style an overly fancy suit blazer.
  • Don’t wear a baggy sweater.
  • Don’t pair shorts, casual or street style jeans. Avoid every athletic pant type.

Men’s Business Casual Examples

Business Casual Blazers.

Business Casual Blazers

Every business outfit starts with a nicely designed blazer, and so the first requirement for business casual attire is a perfectly fitted and tailored suit jacket. The essential requirements this blazer must fully fulfill are:

  1. It must tout a slim cut.
  2. Square fit shoulder design.
  3. The lapel must end near the rear end.
  4. Sleeves length should end above the shirt cuff.

For a fail-proof choice, go for Luxury Sports Jacket for Men at Cabana Catalogs. This suit jacket is made using a perfect blend of acetate, spandex, and cotton fabric to provide this piece an attractive and durable stance. It is available in three different colors, i.e., gray, khaki, and red.

Business Casual Sweater 

Business Casual Sweater

The best alternative to blazers on a workday is an o-neck knitted sweater. If these sweaters have a button detailing, then it is the cherry on the top. You can go for a cardigan with no eye-catching design. If you don’t find any viable options, buy the Cabana Catalog’s Men’s O Neck Pullover Sweater or Winter Cardigan Sweater for Men. These sweaters are available in black and grey, tan, and navy blue colors, respectively.

Business Casual Pants

Business Casual Pants

The loose-fitting pants style has bidden us goodbye; now it’s time for the slim-fit business casual trousers. Remember, with slim-fit trousers; we don’t mean that they need to suffocate tight; slim here is an operative word. These trousers emanate sharpness, intent, and sophistication to the rest of your outfit, giving it a boyish charm.

Shop the best quality Business Casuals Trouser from Cabana Catalogs. It could be an ideal stylish choice as they are available in aristocratic blue, black, and green color. Cabana Pants are made using pure cotton fabric to provide you supreme comfort. The trouser has a decently stretchable fabric perfect for summers.

Business Casual Shoes

Business Casual Shoes

As the dressing parameters are men’s business casual dress code, keep a check on the shoes’ quality and style. As our primary motive is to select fail-proof attire, stick to modern dress shoes such as polished loafers and monk straps—choose simple and sober leather shoes in chocolate, black, dark red, or tan colors.

Business Casual Men’s Accessories

Ties in business casual outfits are optional, but that doesn’t mean that there is a universal law that you can’t wear one. Just be careful when you style them. We suggest that you should invest in a supreme quality silk fabric tie in a classic color. Apart from ties, you can also style a number of accessories like wristwatches and sunglasses. If you wish to select the best accessories for yourself, go and read 2021’s Top 10 Fashion Accessories for Men at Cabana Catalogs and then choose from the wide range of accessories available at the store.

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