Learning how to rock a comfortable blazer necessitates a trip down memory lane. A lane that commenced in 1837 when young Queen Victoria paid her first visit to HMS Blazer, the then Royal Navy ship. The ship captain instructed the crew to style themselves in navy blue double-breasted jackets over their striped seamen’s sweater for the royal inspection. The look and the name of the look stayed around since.

So, we suppose if the blazer is good enough for Her Majesty, it will ultimately be ideal even for your regular style arsenal. Despite its widespread popularity, the tailored jacket has a remarkable amount of flexibility, being louche and lax enough to be deemed casual when the occasion calls for it.

Now when we hear blazers, the standard idea that pops into our head is a formal clothing item. Well, that might not be completely false. It is a fashionable formal attire, but with the hybridization of new trends, it can be a casual partner for your out-of-office events. Don’t believe us? We’ve put together a complete guide on the standard rules of styling the casual blazer outside formal environments.

It’s all about dressing things down for casual occasions, giving you a look that’s always stately and tidy but more comfortable and trendy. Never a commoner, always a king! Check out the complete guide to KNOW YOUR BLAZERS WELL.

The Rules Of Wearing A Blazer

There are a lot of blazer misdemeanors floating around men’s style interstellar space these days. So to ensure that you don’t face any such faux pas, let’s review the basic rules to wear a blazer.

Don’t Wear Your Suit Pieces

Wearing a suit jacket is one of those meticulous moments that might go unnoticed by most, but the connoisseurs will know and tell. Suit jackets might look perfectly normal on the hanger, but still, due to their finishing and structure, it is noticeable when they have been separated from their ensemble. So, if you don’t want to obstruct the casual aesthetic, lay your mind on styling or throw out the entire look in vain. Separate your ensemble tuxedos from your blazers.

Select a Blazer Shorter Than Your Body

According to the conventional rule of thumb surrounding blazers, the hem of your jacket must hit around your thumb knuckle (joint between the end where your thumb and palm joint meet). Furthermore, similar to a good lawyer the blazer must cover your ass but shouldn’t be too long. The common logic behind this rule is if you wear a blazer that is too long for length, it will look highly untidy and uncouth. Trench coats and shrugs don’t abide by these rules.

Your Blazer Fit Should Accommodate Additional Layers

In contrast to blazers, suit jackets are designed to accommodate one shirt or two layers of shirt and waistcoat underneath it. However, blazers are tailored to allow people to layer it whichever way they wish. These blazers prove to be a godsend when the cold weather arrives because you can simply add several layers beneath your blazers (including knitwears).

Play With Different Colors, fabrics & Patterns

Grey and black are not the only colors available in the blazer market. But ever wondered why people always wish to opt for these colors? The simple logic here is that they want something which is fail-proof. If you belong to that section of people, we suggest you shouldn’t be afraid; instead, be brazen and innovative, as this is often what distinguishes decent style from genuinely remarkable fashion. Bold block color blazers, timeless prints and patterns like stripes and checks, and a variety of fabrics from linen to velvet are all on the menu. If you go this path, the blazer should be the focal point, so keep the rest of your outfit simple and include a blazer that marks a difference.

Have More Than One In The Wardrobe

This rule works hand in hand with the rule mentioned above. Here, if you wish to try out all designs, brands, and styles, you need to have a perfect collection of blazers in your closet. If you have only one, there might be different ways to style it, but the style will go out of trend at the end of the day if you wear it all the time. So, we suggest that you must include several blazer pieces to keep your wardrobe ready for every occasion. Now people always come up and say that the pieces they wish to buy are pretty expensive; if you feel that too keep an eye on the store and stock your clothes when the sale arrives or keep reading below to find the most inexpensive gorgeous pieces for your blazer wardrobe.

Know Your Men’s Blazer Types

Know Your Men’s Blazer Types

Blazers for men are the sharpener to every outfit. It allows you to assert your personal style and panache to create a restrained look yet ultimately classy. But remember, no matter what you choose, knowledge is the key. Check out the most common blazer types available in the market to select the best for yourself.


Summer blazers are most often made of cotton because this light and airy fabric will drape beautifully over the shoulder, down the chest to the hips. When these outfits have shoulder pads or are unstructured, they hold their form well. Cotton feels cool in every color, single or double-breasted, but remember cream, white, navy, and charcoal can make your appearance somewhere in your blazer canon. You can style them well with denim or colored chinos and ace the casual, formal look with sneakers.


Wool is a high-quality blazer fabric that is ideal for the transitional seasons of autumn and spring. The ultimate classic is a navy wool blazer, but it’s far from the only choice. Its dark and neutral color will make your personality instantly chic, avoiding every scope of randy-isms. Wool is blended in both high-end (cashmere, silk) and low-end (polyester, cotton, elastane) fabrics, giving you a choice in terms of price as well as the feel and movement of your blazer. We suggest that you must select a blazer that looks and feels well when it hovers over your body.


Tweed is a heavyweight fabric that is often best suited for the last frost that hits your town. Tweed is a practical yet highly fashionable way to stay shielded from the windy winter. People usually get fooled by the old English chap character who wears this jacket and perceives it as the yesteryear style. Believe us, tweed blazers are entirely modern, particularly when you wish to add texture to a flat monochrome outfit. So tweed out your style this winter.


The linen blazer is all about summer, and it’s perfect for a casual summer soiree where you’ll be sweating in wool or cashmere. Linen fabric is exceptionally lightweight and cool, and it can be charmingly stylish when played out correctly. So roll up your sleeves, pop up your collar, and follow the advice. Remember that unstructured linen blazers look great with summer-white trousers and an open-necked shirt. You can empower your entire attire with sockless loafers and a witty pocket square. All set to shake on the ground at the next event!

Color Block

Summer is an ideal time to showcase your best, boldest A-game. Now, if you aren’t ready to dive into the daring side of your color palette, you can efficiently work your way up. The best option is to keep the look neutral and push the envelope with a patterned shirt. It can and will most certainly be an outstanding option.

Also, don’t miss catching on to accessories. Style a beaded bracelet in a tone drawn for the color (if your jacket is sharp). A pocket square in a darker hue of your jacket will be the second perfect choice for when you add stability and cohesiveness to your look.

Patterns and Checks

When it comes to patterns, the list of options and styling tips is literally never-ending. There are so many patterns that will look fashionable regardless of the season you wish to style them in. Stripes, on the other hand, are a preppy, classic alternative with a long history. Checks are also a great way to make any outfit stand out. There’s no reason to stick to conservative designs; go confidently wherever your mind takes you.

Structured & Unstructured

Structured and unstructured blazers are the ultimate tests of whether you will create a casual look or will fail with formal. Now, the reason why this distinction is essential to consider is that a structured blazer will provide you a straight-laced, sharp, and clean-cut demeanor. However, an unstructured blazer will look softer, more flexible, and highly comfortable. Therefore, if you wish to add complete flexibility to your style, you must own pieces of both structured and unstructured blazers in your closet.

Shop The Look

Next up, you need to know from where you can buy unique jackets and tuxedos. You definitely can go buy blazers from D&G, but only after one purchase, you wouldn’t want to try it again. On the other hand, we have a brand that will allow you to stock amazing blazers without digging a hole in your pocket. Check the pieces mentioned below.

Luxury Sport Blazer

Luxury Sport Blazer

This epic from Cabana is a dream for every fashion lover. The jacket is made using acetate, spandex, cotton, and perfection to ensure that you get an attractive, durable stance.

Winter Wool Coat

Winter Wool Coat

We surely provided you a fantastic option for a summer blazer look, but what if you want to create an empowering look for when the frost hits? Don’t worry a bit because, with Cabana Catalogs, you are all covered. Simply get your hands on the winter wool coat that will beautifully wrap around your body and will provide you warmth and comfort.

If you trust our choice and wish to buy the best blazers at an affordable price, navigate to the Cabana Catalog and buy the pieces today.

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