Latest Swimwear for Men in 2021

Jeans hold such an indefinite place in men’s everyday look, well until the summer season rolls around. As early as the new year begins, we can’t wait for the summer Fridays out of the office lounging on a pool float and the week-long beach vacation. We impatiently look forward to building our best swimsuit game and take advantage of every possibility to beat the heat with a fleet dip.

No matter if you are an on-duty dad in a kiddie pool or someone who gets a very little opportunity to catch the wave or a poolside break, there are several stylish men’s swimsuits and trunks perfectly suitable for you. The most significant advantage of thoughtfully selecting swimwear is its versatility of becoming your comfortable weekend go-to wear, protecting you from every sweaty situation in the sun. To ensure that you upgrade to the best men’s swimwear perfect for your style and body type, here are a few points you should keep in mind.


The first tip you need to keep in mind while selecting swimwear is that while your swim trunk’s look matters a lot, length is the most important factor. For most guys, the sweet spot (where the swimsuit must hit) is almost two inches above their knee, and therefore, it is the most flattering length a guy can wear. For guys who have a shorter height can create an illusion of being taller by covering most of their legs. Guys with long legs can go in for tap shorts as it’s not the newest member for their Rockettes.

But the biggest reason why paying attention to the length of the boxer is necessary is that there is nothing worse than sitting in new swimwear and worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.


If you haven’t achieved your New Year body goals this year or expect a little weight fluctuation from now to summer, make elastic and drawstring waistbands your best friends. Remember that the best adjustable waistband to spot is the one that eliminates the bulk and falls flat. Also, while selecting a snap closure, ensure that it’s not too tight and doesn’t hold the ability to unsnap after a beer or two.

The right fit of tanks around your waist will boost your confidence. If you find the perfect waist fit, you don’t need shredded abs to look beach-ready.


After determining the perfect length and size for your swimwear, lay an attentive eye on your swimwear style. For helping you with the same, we are listing the six latest and trending swimwear styles for 2021.

Action Man

Action Man

One of the most prevailing trends of recent decades has to be the military-inspired look. This bold style has gone full circle to storm the beaches. If stripping down to your shorts makes you feel vulnerable, styling these military-style shorts will add a rugged manliness to even the skimpiest swimwear.

No matter which pieces of string your legs resemble, these shorts are a perfect choice for 2021. The shorts’ busy patterns will add a much-needed width and bulk to your legs, giving it a rugged look. However, to make it look attractive, ensure that the legs’ hem is not wide as it will only accentuate the problems. Therefore it is advised to go a smaller cut instead.

The desired length of these action man-style shorts to conquer any surfer dude connotations should be mid-thigh level. If you want to go in for something comfortable and attractive, select solid khaki shorts that can hit the mark also can be worn slightly longer but not below the knee.

The White Stripes

The best no-brainer for beach garms is the white nautical-inspired swimwear, which creates a classic and effortless look. Pairing white trunks doesn’t mean you can dig out a decade-old pair from 2008 and be done with it. White-striped shorts, particularly the swim shorts with bold vertical stripes, are trending as these shorts can be easily styled with a basic neutral T-shirt, flip-flops, or espadrilles for a stylish day-to-night beach look.

Even if your body is not beach ready, you can go for bold stripes and do wonders. If you’re on the slimmer side, you can create the illusion by pairing horizontal lines. On the other hand, if you’re carrying a little holiday weight, prefer vertical stripes, it will elongate your body and divert the focus from the weight.



The other trend that is going to dominate in 2021 is the matching coordinated sets. It is always said that two and this precisely what’s on offer with one with this resort wear trend. A beach-ready coordinated outfit consists of swim shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in identical color or print.

This is another no-brainer; no matter however and wherever you style this trend, it will catch the limelight. This trend is foolproof, and you don’t need to follow any style rules at the check-in desk. Just remember that as you’re going to be wearing this outfit all-over, so carefully pick up colors or patterns that suit your skin tone.

People often refrain from spending money on swimwear because they feel you can’t wear it anywhere other than the beach. But once you are back on home shores, you can revive the cost-per-wear ratio by making the most of both pieces. Split the set and style it with a white T-shirt for Tropicana vibes, or you can pair the co-ord shirt with chinos for a subtle TBT holiday look.

Block Party

Block Party

The best tip to get all your snaps on point is to avoid clashing prints with your friends. Selecting something simpler like a block print will not date soon as it is versatile and can be re-worn. A whole elaborated pattern was just so yesterday, so find a monochronic shade that flatters your body well.

Just remember a few tips while creating a block party look: first, ensure that you pick a shade that suits you and accentuates your coloring; otherwise, it can be disastrous. At all costs, avoid wearing all black; the color doesn’t resonate with the sunshine and can look unforgivingly bad with so much skin exposed.

If you have a milk bottle body and didn’t have the time to get a spray tan before jetting off, style a deep green, burgundy, or navy blue. If you have relatively darker-skin, go for something more vivid: the shades of cobalt blue, sunshine yellow, and lime green will help you stand out. If you want to experiment and make a statement go for a whole Baywatch vibe with red.

Botanical Power

Botanical Power

Floral botanical prints have made the jump from female favorite swimwear style to men’s trends. If you haven’t experimented with floral prints, there’s no better time to try out this look than when you are on holiday.

Pairing a floral shirt under a summer suit can add a playful touch to your otherwise staid look. To create a more flattering look, thoughtfully contrast the size of the florals and frame. If you have a small frame go in for a smaller-sized floral pattern; similarly, if you have a larger structure, you can take a bigger print.

If you are someone who doesn’t experiment at all with print, florals are the easiest ways to dip your toe in the water. If you are print-shy all around the year, include some color this holiday season. The most significant advantage of this style is that you don’t have to worry about pairing up with them.

Tropical foliage and Hawaiian prints make the perfect Instagram-fodder. Remember that if you’re on the pale side, go for a relatively darker background to avoid looking all washed out. Those with a darker complexion should opt for a light background to tone down the contrast and get a stand-out photo shot.


The last trendy style that caught our eye is the nostalgic old school swimwear. The trend is diving in this season, and we hope to see polished old-school vibe’s in an updated version. To ensure that you don’t look like your old gym teacher on swimming lesson day, the designers are coming up with a classic old-school swimsuit. To complete the entire look, style a pair of retro sunglasses. If nothing fits well, take inspiration from James Bond; he pulled retro shorts well.


So that is the men’s swimwear fashion for 2021 that you need to know about, from action wear and illustrated floral prints to old school and stripes; go gala wearing these trends this summer. For upgrading your swimwear fashion game, visit and get ready for your next water adventure. Not just swimwear at Cabana Catalogs, we also have a wide range of men’s and women’s collections; everything from dresses to accessories is available on our virtual store to fit all your needs.

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