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Blazers are not a novel concept; they have been in the market for years, uncountable. The only thing that is new here is that people never thought a blazer (formal attire) could be worn casually. Before we get on to providing you style tips, we need to know why do men love styling blazers so much? We suppose the answer to the same is simple. Blazers for men and women are ideal additions on almost any and every occasion–casual or formal. It’s fashion empowering, stylish, and suitable for an everyday look.

In yesteryear, Blazers were solely styled by officials on formal occasions/ festivities. However, with time it has become a tremendous crush among the guys for parties, events, and weddings. No matter if it is the trend of yesteryear or modern year, we attest to blazers for the fact that there are innumerous ways to style them. And every way that we style these classic Jackets and Blazers, they will provide versatility. All you need to understand is when to team it and with which modern casual element.

Let’s see how to style these mod-year jackets. Oh, wait! We absolutely forgot to tell you some basic rules about the trend. Remember that whichever blazer you select must be well-fitted, of a perfect length, and must have been a color combination. Furthermore, it’s not a statement if not accessorized! So lay a full mind on selecting watches, shoes, and a hairstyle that will provide you an elegant look and also looks effortless at the same time.

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Now there is no scope to delay, so without waiting up a moment, let’s jump into the styling segment. Blazers are common but styling them is what will distinguish you from the rest. Here are our recommendations for styling super chic blazer combinations.

Let’s Suit Up with a T-shirt

Let’s Suit Up with a T-shirt

Our main motto here is to style blazers in casual fashion, and indeed a tie shirt combo will move us far away from our goal. So what should we wear to tone down our blazer and look absolutely chic? You guessed it right. Casual tees will come to the rescue here. It might sound super easy to pull that look; however, there are a few guidelines that you need to follow:

  • Keep it simple: The first rule of styling a t-shirt with a blazer is to stay away from all patterns and prints. The reason behind the same is straightforward, patterns and prints under structured blazers are OTT, and underneath an unstructured blazer, fashion impaired. So keep it clean and straightforward.
  • Stick to neutrals: Blazers are extensions of formal outfits, and making it casual doesn’t mean that you take away the essence it holds. So, to make formals turn into relaxed formals, style it with white t-shirts while going for a day out and inky blacks for the night.
  • Prevent bulkiness: The t-shirt you select must be slim and well fitted to ensure that it just doesn’t look bulky under your blazer.
  • Neckline: Go for a neckline that suits you. If you always wear t-shirts with V-necks, go for it. Otherwise, round necklines are ideally a go-to.
  • Length: Finally, the t-shirt should end just below the hip, with no longlines protruding beyond your jacket. Otherwise, tuck it inside your blazer.

Since the structured form (canvas and lined) looks a little OTT with the laid-back tee. So, go for an unstructured blazer with a t-shirt look. But what about your bottoms? Go for jeans, avoid trousers, with a dark wash and a slim fit (trouser-esque fit). Minimalist sneakers are a great street choice, as are suede loafers for a more sophisticated look.

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To sum our first tip-up, we believe that you should go for an unstructured blazer with minimal colors and add sneakers to your look.

A Little Different

A Little Different

Perfect for relaxed Fridays and bright Saturdays, a smart blazer will be an ideal alternative to style on every occasion. These livelier blazer combinations will differ slightly depending on whether you’re about to embark on work or plays. But we suggest that you stick to an unstructured blazer in a tasteful check (plaid, light windowpane, or pinstripe) to stand out a bit, keeping in mind dress codes. Alternatively, skip the pattern and opt for texture: Choose a more rustic surface, such as pure navy linen with a lovely disheveled appearance.

Remove the office tie and lighten the hue of your chinos for weekends: off-white or khaki are great off-duty options. The blazer looks great with a clean Oxford shirt and a blue, brown, or beige sweater (pastels can look too preppy). For an office setting, go for the classic solution – brogues or chunky sole derbies – to play up the sweater’s athletic vibe.

Blazer, sweater, shirt, and chinos are the concluding elements of our third combination, ideal for occasions when the winters are round the corner and wool is too hot to handle.

Winter Friendly Outfits

Winter Friendly Outfits

For winter, you don’t have to look any further; go for a season’s knit roll neck. Similar to the aforementioned t-shirt trend, you don’t need to include a tie over these outfits. Remember, not everything requires a fine gauge, so go for everything other than cable knits or Chunkies for layering your outfits.

We suggest that for a statement knit, try to play with geo-prints, intarsia and jacquards or neutralize the outfit and let the texture speak for itself. Texture can bring contrast shades together even in the most tonal ensemble and create a visual interest that is there to stay. For instance, you can select an outfit that features a sleek finish navy blazer with a cream roll neck and charcoal flannel or tweed trousers, with a darker hue for the winter and formal occasions.

The third way to style an ensemble for chilly winters is a blazer, roll neck, and wool trousers. Easy, breezy, and perfectly thoughtful.

Formals? Casual Formals!

Formals Casual Formals

The blazer’s formalities indicate that it was designed for the workplace. However, stuffy corporate looks are no longer appropriate. It is entirely up to the person, but we believe that superfine merino with a soft structure can be very sleek and sharp while also adding generosity to the style due to its softness. If there is some leeway, stick to a charcoal or navy blazer with a crisp sky blue shirt (with a cutaway or straight point collar). However, if you prefer patterns, decide to go for a subtle check in a dark color.

The no-fuss blazer serves as a strong foundation (not a feature). This will allow you to introduce the accessories gradually, not having to worry about it all. We suggest that you keep the tie comfortable with a textured fabric or go for a quirky knit tie with a patterned shirt.

For styling blazers at the workplace, avoid fanciful accessories like the boutonniere or flower pin; it’s a little too Pitti Uomo-dandy. If you don’t have a tie on, do carry a pocket-handkerchief. Now, do you want to spruce up your lapel? We’re confident that this subtle metal tone lapel pin (that matches your watch) will look ideal. So, blazer, suit pants, shirt and tie with proper shoes and complementing accessories. We know that we have surely convinced you it’s a win for a casual, formal office day.

We hope that we were to help you with the styling guide. If we did, navigate to the Cabana Catalog’s online store for more of such tips and tricks. Also, if you wish to stock ideal blazers, you can check our catalogs and buy everything at an affordable price.

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