The Devil Wears Prada Fashion Decoding

The Devil Wears Prada Fashion Decoding

The Devil Wears Prada was released in theaters on June 30, 2006, and even after 15 years, we still get chills every time Andy Sachs hits the Runway offices post-makeover. She is seen wearing one of the chicest outfits we have ever seen – ensuring that she will stay and slay. The primary reason fashion lovers worldwide loved the movie is that it depicts what the actual world of fashion offers. It shows that you will find people talking and displaying nothing but style when you enter the offices of a high-street fashion magazine. The second attribute of the film’s popularity is the looks graced on the screen, thanks to Patricia Field (Costume designer).

To show our love for fashion and hypothetical magazines, we looked back at the movie for inspiration. And with the best quotable lines, we found inspiring outfits which hold relevance even today. To confirm how outfits of The Devil Wears Prada, even after a decade and a half, are still relevant, we decoded the movie’s fashion statements and found style lessons for you all.

First Style Lesson: Faux Furs Are Fashionable and Yesteryear

Faux Furs Are Fashionable and Yesteryear

Faux fur coats might seem like a yesteryear fashion, but it is not outdated. They are just not everyone’s style because it is complicated to pull off that look. Miranda Priestly was seen wearing faux furs twice, and both of the times, she slew the screen. So, note that if you like Miranda and have the guts to try, there will be a fair chance that you would never look anything but elevated!

Second Style Lesson: Tweed Blazers Will Never Go Out Of Style

Tweed Blazers Will Never Go Out Of Style

The movie’s highlight is when Andrew/Andy hits the runway offices post her high-class makeover. Every moment after that point, my eyes were on what she would wear next. A look that caught my eye was the tweed blazer look she created; at first, my mind was in a bit of hustle as to whether it will look good or not. But, after a point, it actually resonated. She aced the look and looked all “leveled up.” So the next big purchase has to be the tweed blazer, because it’s beautiful and classic. However, Andy was shown carrying a green purse in the very same scene; you might want to lose that.

Third Style Lesson: The Classics Will Never Let You Down

The Classics Will Never Let You Down

Fashion is all about acting the classics! Many people might disagree with me because they believe it’s boring. But no, that’s not true, and if it’s good enough for a hypothetical editor in chief of a high street fashion magazine, they will be ideal for you. Even if you clearly see the photo attached, you can observe a lot of classic elements that would look chic when paired as an ensemble.

Miranda is seen wearing a fab trench coat with a timeless buttoned-down blazer with classic black suit pants. So effortless yet highly gorgeous! The layered outfit can be a perfect style statement the next time you attend a high-class meeting, but we are not so sure about the belt. It is not that distracting, but in my opinion, that belt in this decade, not an ideal combo.

Not only Miranda, but I am a fan of Nigel’s plaid suit set. He has actually swayed that three-piece yesteryear plaid suit well enough. We suppose the theme of that day at The Devil Wears Prada was classics because even Andy is dressed to perfection with her black and white skirt suit ensemble, not to miss her beautiful layered pearl necklace.

Fourth Style Lesson: You Can Never Be Fully Dressed Without Coats

You Can Never Be Fully Dressed Without Coats

Coats for the fashion impaired are just a requisite to protect them from cold. But in the world of style, a good jacket is a necessity. It’s an extension of the already chic outfit that you are wearing underneath. So as depicted in the movie, one can’t ignore but note the types of coats that the cast wore every day. It shared ideal information and inspiration for fashion enthusiasts like us!

So, the next time frost season comes up, hit your office and streets wearing elegant statement coats. Take inspiration from Andy and either go for block colors such as green with a spice of animal print (as shown in the photo) or statement classic wrap-up white coat. Remember that the longer, the chicer, so no matter what you select, ensure that you are putting some thought into your coat. All your worries are over once you have laid your hands on a perfect coat. Just wear the same over your outfit, add funky headgear, pop on classic sunglasses, and you are set for your next glam office day.

Fifth Style Lesson: Layering Is the Key


People say Chanel is the key to fashion elevation. But remember, Chanel does not fall in everyone’s budget, so we took inspiration from The Devil Wears Prada that layering is the key. But what is layering? It’s not rocket science. Layering basically is mix-matching and creating an ensemble with different clothes. For instance, when you are wearing a simple shirt and skirt, class it up by adding a trench coat on it; after that, put on a pair of (color coded) heels, and don’t forget to layer your accessorize like necklaces and rings.

So the next time you get out of your home, style your outfits The Devil Wears Prada style and look like the ultimate fashion girl.

Sixth Style Lesson: When in Doubt Bow to Black

When in Doubt Bow to Black

Feeling stumped on what to wear on the next charity gala event? Note, when in doubt bow to black. While styling black dresses, people think that they will look just like everyone else, but that is not true. There are so many different silhouettes and variations in design that even if the whole world wears black, they will look different. Also, it’s not about the color you are wearing; it’s more about the autonomy that you can actually pair any accessory with this color.

So, please don’t refrain from wearing black because it’s a no-fail attested color for festivity by the editor-in-chief of Runway.

Seventh Style Lesson: Subtle Toned Outfits Win Hearts

Subtle Toned Outfits Win Hearts

The last fashion style we decoded from the movie has to be that trend of subtly toned outfits. You just can’t ever go wrong with toned-down outfits. Be it Emily’s brown gingham dress, Andy’s brown jacket, serious journalist look, or Miranda Priestly’s purple outfit, they all promise elegance. The next time you wish to look fashionable, don’t search for blasting shiny outfits; instead, select subtly and add accessories.

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