These are the Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2021

The spring season is meant to be cheerful and filled with positivity. You can style yourself up with bright colors, formal suits, athletic leisurewear, extra-large jeans where comfort level reigns primarily, and comfy pajamas. You can shop for these latest fashion trends and enhance your wardrobe with fresh designs of clothes.

Men also need some change in their regular formal looks and add some more stand out items to wear on tours, parties, and night-outs. Fashion designers have come up with different ideas and innovations for the spring/summer of 2021. You will find it challenging to choose from the best men’s fashion trends for you. But this ultimate guide for the men’s fashion trends for the spring/summer seasons will surely help you bring out different unique looks.



Fashion is still continuous in exploring the facets of uniform, crowned dresses this spring season with an artistic approach. While the Kenzo jumpsuit is designed with a mess of pockets, Lemaire gave its profile a monochromatic army spirit.

Effortless Suits


A well-fitted, single-breasted, dual button suit sporting an easy to use notch lapel and small trouser break is the embodiment of contemporary. Charcoal, grey, and navy colored suits should be your go-to for work or business.



The Kimono was on the verge of being ignored by the western male fashion trends. Now, it has become a dominant dress once more this spring/summer.  The initiation of the modern kimono style jacket is the result of years of adapting Asian style on the fashion runways

Wide pants


Skinny jeans and pants are not much in fashion now. Wide-leg pants are increasingly giving fitted pants a run for their money when it comes to being the go-to pants in men’s closets. Men can pair a sports coat with a relaxed-fit trousers pair of wide legged pants and compliment the finish by rolling up the hems of the pants.

Bright Blue Hues


Crisp, vibrant and bright cool blue tones are statement-making colors. These tones can help you make a chill and relaxed wardrobe transition for the changing season. Adding a pop of color to your closet is a fabulous way to renovate your closet without burning a hole in your pocket.

Revisited sailor shirt


Revisited each season, and cut and assembled with the utmost care, the sailor is a symbolic piece. It is a timeless shirt. This type of outfit is always taken on the top priority by the youngsters. Wear it with a pair of loose jeans, or some white shorts, and give off a unique vibe.

Bold Patterned Pants


By including this fashion trend, you can go big or go home. These bold patterned pants are not limited to the discos and party places anymore; you can pair them up anywhere. From a straight-forward tie-dye design to an intricate graphic design, these are the limitless fashion choices. You can style it up with the bell-bottoms for a fantastic throwback to the ’70s. It will be a great chance to do experiments with colors.

Utility Trend


It is a significant fashion trend coming your way in the upcoming summer/spring season. These vests, you can wear on top of your favorite outfits. It offers an instant hit of strength and will effortlessly polish off your look. You have to select an accessory with pockets, zip, or a fabulous pattern- It all about expressing what you are. To keep yourself aligned to the army feel, the best colors to match your look will be green, khaki, or brown.

Black Cross Body Bags


These cross-body bags will surely help you in having a fashion trend in your wardrobe. It would be best if you chose darker shades like pure black in this upcoming spring and summer season- that is an adaptable hue that styles up easily with any outfit of your wardrobe.



Most houses like Balmain produce jackets and pants with numerous patch pockets. These pocket dresses will make a difference for you. The pockets are the need of the hour when it comes to fashion.

The Bomber


The bomber is one of the most popular jackets around the world of fashion. Its charm and free spirit make it a relentless choice for the upcoming days of spring/summer. With the fantastic collection of all the bomber’s new designs, you can enhance your fashion to match the trends.

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