Top 10 Makeup Essentials for Beginners

From feeling lost at the beauty shop to religiously adhering to all the latest makeup tutorials, every makeup enthusiast has been once a rookie. Taking these baby steps into the boundless universe of makeup feels exhilarating yet scary at the same time. We were once at your position and therefore understand exactly what it takes to ace even the most uncomplicated makeup look. To save you from the confusion and countless failed makeup looks, we are listing the top ten makeup essentials for beginners.


Makeup experts worldwide believe that one must wash their face thoroughly before beginning the makeup process to remove all the dust and impurities present on the skin. We suggest using a whitening volcanic mud bath to replenish optimum nutrition and texture in your skin. As cleansing is the first step in a makeup guide, it is our first recommendation in makeup essentials.

Moisturizer lotion

The second must-have makeup essential is a good moisturizer. No one would want their makeup to crack or dry out because of a lack of moisture. It will avoid the popping of blemishes and will give your face light coverage. If you put on makeup every day or none at all, we suggest that you must put on a moisturizing cream every day. The moisturizer that stood up to our expectations is Coach Body Lotion for Women available at Cabana Catalogs.



After prepping up the skin, it’s time to move onto the foundation. Just remember that foundation forms the base of your makeup; hence be extremely careful while choosing it. People usually go in for a tone lighter to look brighter, but it ends up looking too cakey. We suggest that you must go in for a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone and skin type.

Concealer or Color Corrector

Concealer or Color Corrector

Concealers or color correctors are god sent makeup items to help you look presentable after no sleep days or bad hung-over nights. They will brighten up your eyes, conceal your dark circles, and cover blemishes or marks. Pick a concealer that has a medium to full coverage formula and offers a radiant, fresh finish. No matter how dark your under eyes go in for a color corrector that matches your skin tone. To give your face an easy snatch and contour touch use a slightly darker shade of concealer and put it across your cheekbones, jaw line, and hairline. We suggest that you look out for a two in one concealer-contour kit.

Setting Powder

Setting Powder

The next step after putting on a good base is covering or setting it up using loose powder. You can use either a translucent powder that has no color or a skin tone color. It is applied to ensure that the makeup stays put and doesn’t look patchy after a few hours. You can use this powder for baking your under eyes that will brighten up your face. Not just that, setting powder can also be used to mattify and brighten your complexion.



Beginners usually skip the highlighting part because of a fear of going a little over the top. But we feel that once you try it, you wouldn’t want to miss it. A highlighter is applied on the high points of the face (nose, the center of your forehead, cheekbone, and lip top) to provide a glowing, dewy finish. The shimmery formula comes in powder, cream, and liquid form to help you glow aesthetically on your date night.



Mascara is perfect for adding definition to your eyes facilely. The plastic wands will lengthen and separate your lashes, and the natural bristle brushes will help add more drama to your eyes. There are many regular and waterproof drama-eyes mascaras available in the market. We suggest that you, as beginners, must keep one in your makeup pouch to get a thoughtful look effortlessly.

Lip Gloss

As a makeup beginner, understand that the key to ace a look is to add a smacking, fun color lip-gloss. Lipgloss will moisturize your lips and will provide them the nourishment and care they deserve. And as there are tons of competitors in the market, we suggest that you go in for a liquid moisturizer lip gloss by Cabana Catalogs. They are available in twelve vibrant colors that will outshine all your looks.

Matte lipstick

Lipgloss might look spectacular on a casual day look but to get an exquisite exotic touch, include at least one matte lipstick in your makeup kit. These Metallic Finish Lipstick by Cabana catalogs leaves a long-lasting effect and don’t melt up after a few hours. You can choose any color from this wide range of collections to ace all your looks. If you wish to create a chic look, add a coat of matching color gloss on the matte lipstick.

Makeup Pouch

Last up on the list of top makeup essentials; we have a makeup pouch. The makeup products you purchase are going to dig a deep hole in your pocket. Hence, we suggest that you must ensure that you have a spacious makeup pouch to store in all your items. Keeping your makeup in a pouch can also be extremely convenient if you travel a lot. You can check out this Handmade Makeup Bag for Traveling by Cabana Catalogs it is compact and a solid choice to carry your makeup when you travel.

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