Worst 8 Fashion Fails of the Decade

Great innovation comes after numerous failures, but sometimes minor mistakes can result in a total mess. Fashion fails are a great example to learn from if you are going to add some new fashionable outfits to your wardrobe. Being a creative process, fashion designing comprises several phases.

Encouraging young and enthusiastic fashion designers is important, but these seven fashion fails will make you ask, “what were they thinking?” Not every movie is a hit, and not all fashion designs deserve appreciation. Here is the handpicked list of the worst seven fashion fails of the decade that made their way from the sketches to the actual stores. Sadly, the textures, statements, and ugly or mixed patterns have contributed to these fashion fails.

Hood On/Off Confusion


This hood with the placed text “Anti Animal Cruelty Club” was looking impressive until the girl offs the hood cap and covers “Anti” The statement written on the HOOD got ruined by itself and became the “Animal Cruelty Club.” Fashion lovers and young designers should take a lesson from such fashion fails.

Make Sure You Have Seen The Front First


This dress is hilarious and makes you laugh every time you read the text placed on the back-bottom of this dress. It would be a perfect pink outfit for any girl if there were no text on either side. The text would be ok if the complete text were written on the front side.

The Embarrassing Dress In President’s Interview


It’s one of the fashion fails that deserves the top place in all-time embarrassing moments on live television. In the picture, this lady is interviewing South Africa’s President while she forgets to take a glance at her outfit in the mirror before the event. The dot designs are in the perfect places in the dress’ design to make people think dirty.

The Most Hilarious Hooded Winter Dress Ever


The person wearing this hooded winter dress in this picture has no idea that his look is giving people a dose of laughter. Fashion fails like this happen when people buy stuff with carelessness. This is not only funny but also offensive.

Dress Sounds Confusing


Maybe the designer thinks it’s ok to keep people confused about the text’s meaning on this dress. A simple overlining on the text “NEVER” makes its way to our list of fashion fails. This one forms a very common type of fashion fail and can happen with anyone. You should read the text on the dress, and after getting its correct interpretation, you will think about not buying it.

The Dirty Pair Of Shoes


The shoes in this picture are not dirty in real, but their design texture looks like someone has dropped them in the mud. People don’t expect such fashion fails from a brand like Nike. It’s a lesson for the experienced designer that you can make mistakes no matter how professional you are. Without any doubt, many people would purchase it just because it’s a product of one of the most famous shoe brands.

The Humor By Mistake


Boys love to wear t-shirts with a text message on them. Buying such t-shirts without knowing the real meaning of the word in its design can deliver you a lot of embarrassment in the future. Like the t-shirt in this image tells you, “I’m an Introvert,” but still has the text “Let’s Chat” afterward.

Wrestling Patch Gone Wrong


The jacket color is perfect in this picture, but you need a magnifying glass to know what exactly the patch imitates. People will indeed have a different version of thoughts after seeing this patch on this jacket’s arm. It’s a type of funny illustration that makes us include this in our list of worst seven fashion fails of the decade.

To avoid such fashion faux pas and mistakes, you should be aware of the designs and particulars while shopping online or offline. We also understand that it can happen to anyone. So, we also have a list of some latest and reliable designs. You can visit http://cabanacatalogs.com/ to buy any of the outfits given below.

Bodycon Party Dress with One Shoulder


This dress is excellent party wear, having a bodycon shadow and a single shoulder neckline to break the symmetry. Bodycon’s polyester material offers the best fit and exceptional mix with your body curves. You can surprise your friends by wearing this masterpiece this summer.

Elegant Maxi Dress with Floral Print


This exquisite maxi dress is ideal for any party event, beach time, vacation, and dates in summer. Its high slit design has the essence of Bohemian and Hawaiian vibe.

V-Neck Backless Party Dress


Wear it at parties or night outs and make your friends forget all your previous fashion fails. The V-neck line gives a sizzling tone to your collar bones. You will surely love its comfortable fabric.

High Waist Swimsuit for Plus Size Women


This premium bikini is a piece of art for plus size women having curvy and beautiful figures. The floral design makes it more appealing for you. You can choose from different color options.

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