Your Lipstick Confusion Ends Here

Your Lipstick Confusion Ends Here

The world of makeup seems to be getting elaborated day after day. There are so many products and equally more lingo, so how can anyone we keep up? One day people are calling bronzers, contours, and the other day they are both different. We thought there was one product where there was no confusion, but with words such as matte, metallic, sheers, and frosted, how are we supposed to stop our head from spinning? Keep reading the article to understand the different types of lipsticks available in the market and a few FAQs whose answers you were looking for since the beginning of your makeup love.

Matte Lipstick

The whole trend of matte lipstick has been rocking Instagram since its very existence. Everyone seems to love this bold lipstick look because it has the capability of accentuating the entire resemblance and feel of your personality. Matte lipsticks come in countless bold and daring colors, which can look perfect if you know when and how to use them ideally.

Remember that the matte lipsticks have a very dry nature, so if you already have dry lips, exfoliate and moisturize them before wearing these lipsticks. Matte doesn’t mean they look sticky and foul, but the no shine factor means that they rely solely on their colors to sparkle.

Metallic Lipstick

This look might look super hard to pull off but believe us, it is actually worth experimenting with. Metallic lipsticks look like a shade of metal actually melted down and turned into beautiful ornaments perfect for our lips. It will outshine your look with its overpowering shimmer like no one possibly can. Many metallic lipsticks look beautifully creamier and can be worn on most days of the week. So if you are looking for something experimental yet fail-proof, go for metallic lipsticks in bright shades.

Frosted Lipstick

If you wish to add an undertone shine to your outfit, look no further. Because of their pearly shimmer, Frosted lipsticks are observed to be the toughest lipstick looks to master, but if you do pull it off well, there won’t be a better look than that. There are two features/ properties of frosted lipsticks that you need to consider. First, the lipsticks provide your lips a perfect shine, so you can easily add a lighter shade on your favorite classics. Second, the lipsticks, just like matte lipsticks, are extremely dry in nature. So before applying them, use a lip balm or lip exfoliating gel to terminate every dryness scope.

High-Shine lipstick

The lipstick does exactly what its name suggests – it provides your lips plenty of shine. Almost all of us love the image of having a wet lip look but get irritated whenever we put on lip glosses. Lip gloss/ shine balms have some magnetic effect that attracts hair to themselves in every microsecond. If you love the shine of a gloss but face the struggle, these high shine lipsticks can be your day savers. These lipsticks are super glossy and ultra classy.

Sheer Coverage

Unlike all the lipsticks mentioned above, sheer coverage lipsticks provide you a very natural, soft look perfect for casual days. It can be an ideal pick for those at school or the ones who don’t like to go gaga with their makeup. Most girls love sheer lipsticks because they are super slippery and buttery that they glide on your lips smoothly. These lipsticks are a savior for makeup beginners as they provide them a perfect shine without looking too much.

The only problem with this lipstick is that they come off quickly. So whenever you go for sheer lipsticks, keep one in your purse and redo them after every hour. These lipsticks act as perfect lip balms because of their smooth texture, so if you want, you can apply these lipsticks every day without the dangling sword of lip damage on your head.

Satin Lipstick

Last on our list is the ideal blend of every lipstick we mentioned above. You guessed it right; we are talking about satin lipsticks. These lipsticks are creamier versions of your favorite matte that are dry-proof and come with a dash of shimmer. These lipsticks stay put throughout the day and are better than most variants available in the market. So, if you want a mix that does it all, pick satin lipstick.


Determine your skin undertone

Our face’s skin undertone is the sole element that ensures whether the makeup we are putting on your face will be a hit or a miss. So, it is extremely important to know your skin’s undertone. Remember that both skin tone and undertone are two different things. Where one describes the color of your skin, the other is the color under your skin. There are three essential undertones: Cool, warm, and neutral.

  • If you belong to the cool undertone and have fair skin go for soft mocha and nude shades. Similarly, if you have a medium skin tone, try pink, cranberry shades as they will amplify your skin, giving it a fairer look. Lastly, if you have a tan or deep skin tone, ruby and wine shades will be perfect.
  • For people with warm undertones and fair/ light skin, pale pink and peachy nudes can be ideal. For medium and tan skin tones, copper and bronze shades will work well.
  • If you belong to a group of people who have a neutral undertone, you are the luckiest because there is a wide spectrum of lipstick colors available for you.

Shape of your lips

Another factor that you need to consider while selecting a perfect lip color for yourself is your lips’ shape.

  • If you have heavy top lips, we suggest that you experiment with bright lipstick on your bottom lips and a slightly inky shade of the same color on your top lip.
  • For someone who has a plump bottom lip must try to mix and match. Go for any color that matches your skin undertone and add a light nude color at the center of the upper lip. It will give your lips an even tone.
  • Lastly, if you have asymmetrical lips, start by shading your lips with a lip liner of a color similar to your lipstick. After drawing the line, fill in the lipstick. Don’t overdraw the line of your lips; just follow your natural outline.

Eye Color

I am sure you never knew that your colors’ eyes could be an essential factor for selecting your lipstick, but it certainly does. So, remember, if you have the brown color go for bright red, brown, or light pink colors. Bright colors will pop out the hazel color of your eyes even more. Similarly, if you have blue color eyes go for cherry and scarlet colors; for green colors, wear terracotta or pink shades; and lastly, for grey eyes, go for plums.

We intended to end your confusion with this ultimate lipstick guide if we succeed, and now you know what you are looking for. Navigate to our official website at Cabana Catalog LLC. We store one of the best metallic and satin lipstick in more than ten colors. So don’t wait up, buy the lipsticks and experiment with glossy colors the next time you go out to a party.

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