Cute Boyfriend Names for Contacts That Will Everyone Gush Over These Sweet Names!

100 cute boyfriend names for contacts you have to try? Check! This post has them all – in fact, it’s the ultimate list of cute boyfriend names for your contacts. And I bet you– these are your best options!

So what do you want to call your boyfriend in your contacts list? What nickname do you have for him in your contact list? Don’t settle for generic “John Doe” when you could go all out?! It’s totally up to you – and now it’s time to take control and choose your own cute contact names of your boyfriend!

Because these are your options, right? What will YOU pick? What nickname would you choose? What would you want to save your boyfriend as in your contact list?

Simply, name your boyfriend on your contacts list all the cute, creative, original, quirky, and sweet names! It’s all possible! Because let’s face it – your boyfriend is all very unique, different, and deserve special names, right?! Just the way we would search for unique girl names or creative baby boy names. YES, this is just like that!

And here’s the best part – once you’ve made the choice, then it’s your turn to tell me all about it in this comment section below. So let’s get the names flowing, first!

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100 Cute Boyfriend Names For Contacts For You To Choose From!

We’ll take a step further, why don’t you, first, find a picture of you two together to use? This will make it that much more special. Secondly, where do you want to change your boyfriend name? Which contact list?

Just to name a few, your main phone contact list, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc. And perhaps your email contact too? What about social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger? Okay, I can’t think of more, but I’ll let you do that homework for your part 😉

Cute Boyfriend Names For Contacts: How to Change A Contact Name on Your Phone?

To change a contact name on your phone – follow these steps:

• Go to your phone’s contact list and tap on the name you want to change.

• Tap on ‘Edit’, and select the name you want.

• Press the save button to save your new contact name.

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Cute Contact Names For Him

Okay, now here’s 100 cute contact names for your boyfriend! Who’s going to use them though?! Sounds awesome right? Well, I’ve gone ahead and picked the best 100 names in each category, so let’s dive in shall we?

First category, these are your ‘I really, really like you’ names for when you want to express your true feelings and how much he means to you.

1) My Precious

2) My Best Boo

3) My Champ

4) My Eternal

5) My Heart

6) My Baby

7) My Hunk

8) My Soul Mate

9) My Munchkin

10) My Hero

11) My Mister

12) My Lord

13) My Dream Man

14) My Gold

15) My Warrior

16) My Significant Other

17) My Star

18) My Steady

19) My Moon

20) My True Love

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Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Next up, are some names for your more casual mood or what I say the lovey dovey names! These would make great names for when you want to express your affection towards your boyfriend.

21) Chickadee

22) Pudding

23) Bum Bum

24) Boon Boon

25) Umpa Lumpa

26) Ma Jolie

27) Handsome

28) Cutie-pie

29) Cream tea

30) Shortiecake

31) Pookie

32) Snook Snook

33) Sugar

34) Goat

35) Dimples

36) Clever Boy

37) Fattie (I mean in the cute way)

38) Sunshine

39) Penguin

40) Sugar pie

41) Sweetie pie

42) Bae

43) Beau

44) Sweet Soul

45) Sweetheart

46) Nugget

47) Main Squeeze

48) My Lamb Chop

49) Tesoro (Italian word for treasure)

50) Honey bun

Last but not least are a few super special ones that you’d only use for when you want to tell him that you love him the most. These are pretty hard to pick – like, really hard. But I’ve managed to come up with some awesome names for these kinds of feelings!

51) Choco Pop

52) Bumpa

53) Cuddle Bunny

54) Bugaboo

55) Sweet Thang

56) Pretty Face

57) Snuggle Puff

58) Cookie Pookie

59) Sweetums

60) Tum Tum

61) Fluff Puff

62) Bagel Bear

63) Sugar Cube

64) Peachy pie

65) Papito

66) Poo-Boo

67) Jellyboo

68) Bumbles

69) Tiggy

70) Chimpsy

71) Bobble

72) Huggy

73) Plumsie

74) Chunky Butt

75) Bunlet

76) My Eye Candy

77) Pingu

78) Pupper

79) Musky

80) Swagger

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Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Finally, don’t forget a few for the future too. If you’re planning a wedding or just really want to show how much he means to you in the future, then look no further! (This includes for those who already imagining your boyfriend, a hubby already,  because why not?)

51) Amazer Hubby

52) Amore Mio (another Italian name)

53) Angel Eyes

54) Baby Cakes

55) Chi Chi Poo

56) Hubba Bubba

57) Candy Hubby

58) Dilruba (means king of hearts in Hindi)

59) Mr. Fittie

60) Guapo (Spanish word for good-looking)

61) Hoshi (means star in Japanese)

62) Humsafar (life partner in Hindi)

63) Hunnydew

64) Habibi (means beloved in Arabic)

65) Ice boo

66) Kitkat Hubby

67) Mooi (means handsome in Afrikaans)

68) Oppa (means romantic interest in Korean)

69) Papa Bear

70) Raja (means king in Tamil)

71) Sugams

72) Tugar Bear

73) Om Nom

74) Hubby Bubby

75) My Husband

76) My Soul Keeper

77) Macho Man

78) K.O.M.H (King of My Heart)

79) Jellycream

80) Honey Hubby

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Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Cute Matching Contact Names For You and Your Boyfriend

Now, let’s talk about cute matching contact names for you and your boyfriend. Cute matching contact names for you and your boyfriend is a fun idea. You can make it a fun memory that will last forever.

A name that is chosen by you as a sign of love and commitment. With this in mind, here are some examples of cute matching contact names for you and your boyfriend.

81) Boobear and Gumbear

82) Butter and Biscuit

83) Bibbles and Gibbles

84) Choco and Mocho

85) Booky and Boothang

86) Hubby and Wifey

87) H.E and S.H.E

88) His Initials and Your Initials

89) Bunches and Funches

90) Dada and Mama

91) Beenie and Crumpie

92) Mr Hunny and Miss Bunny

93) Bugs and Lola

94) King and Queen

95) Lord and Lady

96) Ducky and Munky

97) Schmoopy and Boopy

98) Bubs and Bubba

99) Lambkin and Pumpkin

100) Ken and Barbie

101) Squishy and Mushy

102) Koochi and Koo

103) The B.F and The G.F

104) Winnie and Piglet

105) Bub and Blub

106) Cookie and Cupcake

107) Custard and Mustard

108) Buttercup and Cutiecup

109) Bambi and Baby Doll

110) Doughnut and Peanut

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Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Cute Boyfriend Names For Contacts With Emojis

You know what emojis are, right? The emoji characters are are available on your phone, and they can be used to convey a whole range of emotions. (For example – if you’re feeling happy, you might use an emoji that shows you with a big, smiling face, and lots of balloons!)

And YOU are so in love with your boyfriend, you might want to add his contact name to your contacts list, with a bit of emoji in between! The question is – what kind of emojis are good for that?

Well, you’re in the right place, my friends! Because now, I’m going to share my TOP 25 picks – of all kinds – of cute boyfriend names for contacts with emojis. Let’s go!

111) Lazy Boy 🥱❤️ – He’s lazy when he gets out of bed.

112) Lanky Guy🦒😏 😘- Just plain tall. No need to explain this one.

113) Little Man 😋😍❤️  – He’s so small you could eat him with one bite!

114) Love Bug🐞❤️ – He’s just like a puppy dog. He loves attention, cuddles and loves being around you.

115) Lovable❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 – He has a good sense of humor and is full of fun.

116) Lucky💝☘️ – He has luck in life. He might even win the lottery one day!

117) Loving❤️💗💖 – He’s loving and kind.

118) Man-boy💪🏽😋😘 – He’s an equal of sorts, but still a man.

119) Master🥵😍 🥰 – He’s an expert in his field of work. He can fix anything without breaking a sweat.

120) Mature💋❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 – He’s a grown up, and so mature.

121) Mates❤️🤟 – Like friends, but you also share secrets.

122) Middle Name❤️ 🧡 💛 – This boy has a middle name just for you.

123) Mr Fix-It 😍 🥰 😘 – He knows how to repair things, but he also fixes you!

124) Mister🥳 😏❤️ – He’s your perfect fit and all the qualities you were looking for.

125) Naughty Boy😋 ❤️‍🔥😛 – He’s cheeky and naughty and has a naughty mind.

126) Papa💖 💘 💝 – A fatherly man. You feel safe around him and can trust him 100%.

127) Patches❣️❣️ – He’s like a big kid and is great at games.

128) Peanut🥜🥜❣️ – You’re peanut butter and he’s your jam.

129) Peter Pan😍 🥰 – He can’t grow up and always remains a boy.

130) Prince Charming🤴❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 – He’s like the prince in fairy tales, fair and kind.

131) Punny🤣💖💖 – He’s a jokester and can crack jokes.

132) Random Guy😏😏❤️ – He’s a random guy. Just kidding, he’s a cool guy.

133) Rusty🤭 ❣️🤫 – He’s like a rusty bike. You can’t ride him, but you love him anyways.

134) Scaredy Cat😻 😼 😽 – He’s like the cat, but a little scaredy.

135) Seeker🔍🤭💖 – He’s like a search engine, he finds you no matter where you are!

That wraps up this whole list of cute boyfriend names for contacts,

I hope you enjoyed this article. I can’t believe how cute and creative they were, and I can’t wait to use them all in the future! It was really hard to choose the ones that would fit the best, and I ended up with so many more ideas for you than I had expected.

If you liked this post, don’t forget to give it a share with your friends and you may want to check out this 100 funny couples quiz questions to play with your boyfriend! You may also want to get some other ideas to text your boyfriend like a cute good morning message or a sexy good night text to your boyfriend 😉

I would love to know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3

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