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Affiliates/Gifts/Paid Sponsorships

All the products or items based on fashion, home, and personal topics may have been gifted or bought with discounts/vouchers. I will only recommend products that I believe would benefit my loyal readers. I also introduce products through affiliate links such as in my blog posts, pages, and a specially dedicated shop page containing all my affiliate links items. If you click on the link and go on to buy the product, it will be entirely at your own risk and at no extra cost. These sites use trackable cookies and if you make any purchase, I would receive a small commission. I will declare, if applicable, that the post contains affiliate links, sponsored or gifted at the beginning of each post or wherever needed. The affiliate sites that I use are the Amazon Affiliate Program, RewardStyle, and APPRL. You may refer to the Privacy Policy page for more details on cookies.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


All opinions, suggestions, and views are only mine (Loshane A. Vasilyeva) written in a clear state of mind. These are mentioned for review, information, and entertainment. Everyone is free to express their own opinions and these opinions are solely mine. In review posts, I write based on what works best for me. It may not be suitable for you, but please check before you purchase anything from my site. I do not wish to insult or offend anyone when I write reviews on products as they are written based on my experience.

Image Credits/Rights

The contents on this site contain images taken on my own and from paid stock images for decoration or informational purposes. Images taken from different sources will be given proper credit to the rightful owner by adding a backlink to them. Please, if you wish to use my own images from this site, do credit me by linking back to this site. In case of a discrepancy, to report any findings, please inform me via email.


All reviews, contents, materials, or products displayed throughout my site are honestly based on my opinions. I want to build a trustworthy relationship with my fellow readers and therefore, only would give honest reviews. I would not agree to be paid or influenced to deliver the wrong pieces of information or products on my site. The contents of this site will be based on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. If anything new or out of my blog field products is introduced, I would directly inform my readers through the blog posts or wherever applicable. However, if you purchase any products that may be not suitable for you, this will be at your own risk.

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