Fun Dares For Friends, Try These Dares Now!

Are you stuck for ideas to dare your friends?

See, dares can be tricky, and that’s where the real fun comes in!

These are 112 fun dares for friends – a list of the most hilarious, outrageous, ridiculous, adventurous, and FUN dares.

However you play it, these fun dares for your friends are going to guarantee you end up having a very entertaining time. Because, yes, you can send dares or funny questions over text, but nothing beats that in-person entertainment. So make the most of it… And make this game of dares the best one yet!

So let’s see what your friends think of these dares, shall we?!

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These 112 Fun Dares For Friends Are Guaranteed To Get Their Hearts Pumping!

Feeling like a game of truth or dare is a bit dull? So let’s spice it up a little – and make the most of a game of dares! Yes, these 112 fun dares for your friends are guaranteed to get your heart pumping. And guaranteed to keep the laughter flowing! Because dares are just that – fun!

They’re not just about telling the truth – they’re about getting people to do stuff, they’re about being spontaneous, they’re about putting their heart into something and then having a laugh at how silly it gets.

So how do you go about asking dares of your friends? Well, here’s 112 fun dares for your friends to test your friends’ limits!

Fun Dares For Friends Are Guaranteed To Get Their Hearts Pumping!Pin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Hilarious Fun Dares For Friends

When you’re having a fun and crazy night with your friends, sometimes it’s important to take photos or videos as proof.

These fun dares will definitely get your crew talking!

1) Pick a friend and dance in shower with clothes on

2) Throw a pillow at someone whom you hate the most

3) Play a quick arcade game while sitting on someone else’s lap

4) Exchange outfit with the person sitting next to you

5) “Eat It” – Each person gets two minutes to eat whatever you want

6) “No Pain, No Game” – The first person to cry while cutting onions loses

7) Pretend you are a duck and try to walk like a duck on the street for 5 minutes ( do it in public lol )

8) Tie a knot using a cherry stem with your tongue

9) Put a pair of your friend’s socks on your head

10) Take a picture of yourself eating with your legs

11) Eat pizza with your feet

12) Watch your friend pee

13) Have one your friend lie down on the floor and take a selfie while standing on top

14) Have your friend stand on one foot and balance a book on the head

15) Give your friend a piggyback ride

16) Make your friend lick someone’s armpit

17) Have your friend take a bite of a red spicy chili without crying out spicy

18) Shave off one of the eyebrows

19) Give a friend $1 and ask him or her to give you the best day of your life.

20) Put a coin in the microwave and see who can guess its value.

Put A Coin In The Microwave And See Who Can Guess Its Value.Pin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Next up, are some fun dares that are more adventurous and crazy!

21) Ask your friends to go for a drive and take a detour somewhere completely random

22) Say your friend’s name in different accents

23) Get your friend to read you a list of dirty words

24) Make your friend count to 100 backwards while looking at themselves in a mirror

25) Do a weird impression of your friend and try to get them to laugh

26) Have your friend stand in the corner while you make fun of them

27) Make your friend eat something gross like worms or raw meat

28) Take a picture of your friend sitting on a toilet seat and upload it on instagram

29) Give your friend an ice-cold shower

30) Have your friends eat only food that comes out of a bag

31) Make your friends put their hands in the ice cream freezer

32) Blow a balloon and see how long they can blow it up before it bursts

33) Sit on the floor and eat spaghetti from the floor itself

34) Use only the ingredients on their plate to build something

35) Throw eggs and flour at the person in front of you

36) Walk backwards

37) Wear only a loincloth and sit in a corner

38) Take off all of your clothes except for your lingerie and walk around the house for 30 minutes

39) Put your head between a person’s legs (or on their lap)

40) Put your finger in someone’s ears

41) Touch a dog’s crotch

42) Fake a seizure

43) Take a picture of a friend as a ghost

44) Touch your nose with your tongue

45) Make someone say the alphabet backwards. Start at A and work your way to Z

46) Hide an egg in the house, and tell your friend to find it

47) Get your friend to stand on the table. Have them balance on the table, then take off their shoes

48) Get your friend to walk around with one shoe on

49) Ask your friend to tell you a secret they’ve been keeping from you

50) Get your friends to take pictures of each other with mud covering their face, then post them on Facebook

51) Pee in a cup

52) Bite someone’s shoes

53) Lick your elbow

54) Have your next friend sit on your face

55) Put a piece of tape on your friend’s neck, forehead, or stomach. Then, ask them to tell you what they think you wrote

56) Ask your friend to guess your next sentence

57) Have your friend hold their breath for 1 minute

58) Ask your friend to write the opposite of what you just said

59) Pretend to be a baby

60) Have your friend say 10 swear word backwards

61) Crack an egg between your boobs (yeap for the female friend)

62) Blindfold your friend and have them lead you around. When they stop, guess what number they’re thinking of

63) Pretend to be drunk

64) Challenge them to make a prank call

65) Show your browser history

66) Ask your friend to kiss your bum

67) Pretend to be a beggar at the street and earn at least a coin

68) Eat a raw onion

69) Give your friend a fake mustache

70) Hold a banner with the word “pussy” written on it

71) Kiss a cat on its lips

72) Get Dressed as a Baby (for the Whole Day!)

73) Eat 10 Hot Dogs

74) Have your friend pretend to be a doctor and check out your butt

75) Act silly in a public place

76) Have your friend sleep in a pet’s home

77) Have your friend act like a clown for you

78) Do the Macarena with a soap in your mouth

79)  Set your friend’s hair using toothpaste

80) Make a fart noise with your armpit

Adventurous Outdoor Fun Dares For Friends!Pin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Some more adventurous outdoor fun dares for friends!

Did you ever think of asking your friends to do some outdoor dares?

Ready to step it up a notch in your fun dares for your friends?

Then why not give some adventurous outdoor ideas a go?! After all – your friends aren’t going to jump off a building, run through a field or down a mountain… Or are they? Maybe.

See, everyone has their limits. If they don’t want to take a dare, that’s fine. And when it comes to outdoors, some things are a bit too risky for many people.

BUT! This is your opportunity to push your friends’ boundaries! These adventurous outdoor fun dares for your friends are just what you need to add some variety to any games night. Because, yes, you can have an adventure indoors with a game of truth or dare or beer pong, but you won’t have much of a laugh.

So, get those creative juices flowing and get stuck into some adventurous outdoor fun dares for your friends!

81) Sleep under the stars ( no stars, sleep under the rain, then! )

82) Start a fight with someone on the street

83) Take a nap in the middle of a restaurant

84) Hold hands with a complete stranger

85) Go camping without sleeping in a tent

86) Run in your underwear at a park

87) Jump out of a slow moving car

88) Jump from the top of a cliff into a lake

89) Pretend to be a bird and fly through the air

90) Use a parachute to jump from a plane

91) Put your face in a bowl of ice-cream and eat it

92) Get your friend to lie down on a sheet of ice

93) Put a bandana over your friend’s eyes and then have a pillow fight

94) Give your friend a manicure or pedicure

95) Have your friend eat grass

96) Do push-ups in the middle of the road

97) Drink 5 shots of tequila and walk tiptoes

98) Sing a song while holding your nose

99) Put a rubber band around your wrist and try to break it

100) Sit on the floor and play with a ball of yarn like a cat

Scary Fun Dares For Friends!Pin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Scary Fun Dares For Friends!

Scary dares are good fun for anyone who’s willing to take part.

Some people have never taken a risk before and it’s good to give them the opportunity to try out for something new.

Make sure you have done the dare before and it is the right dare for your friends.

101) Ask your friend to count backwards from 100 by 10s

102) Watch a scary movie alone

103) Try to sleep in an abandoned house

104) Visit the cemetery at night time

105) Have your friends tie you up and leave you in a dark room for 1 hour

106) Getting stuck with your head under water for 1 minute

107) Posing as a police officer and arresting your friend

108) Play dead until your next turn

109) Be dead silent for five minutes

110) Putting your head into a toilet

111) Have your friend sit in the middle of the room and tell you a scary story

112) Go outside and howl at the moon ten times like a wolf

That wraps up this whole list of fun dares for friends,

Now that summer is upon us, do not miss out on fun dares!

Whether you are with your close friends or just a bunch of strangers, these dares are sure to get the best of you.

Go ahead and try all of these fun dares with your friends. It is bound to give you a whole new perspective and level up your game! And once you successfully complete each dare, you can go around bragging about it! I mean, who doesn’t love the “I dare you” kind of game?

Now, I am waiting for your favorite daredevils to come up with their own fun dares. Let’s keep each other’s company and play the game.

I would love to know what you think of these dares in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3

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