These Funny Couples Quiz Will Take You On A Hilarious Journey!

Quizzes to test relationship compatibility between couples are common practice. But are you tired of quizzes like “What color tie does he prefer?” or “What kind of person do you see yourself marrying?”

Well, you can now test your relationship using this funny couples quiz and learn if your significant other has a sense of humor. This funny couples quiz questions will keep you laughing through every question, while keeping your relationship on track.

Furthermore, the more you know your partner, the better your relationship will be. However, that doesn’t always happen in the beginning of a relationship, so asking your partner some fun couple trivia questions are a great way to learn more about them and find out about their interests. By getting to know them on a deeper level, it will lead to stronger bonds between you.

I’ve compiled a list of the funniest 100 couple quiz questions you can ask each other. These 100 questions can help you and your significant other to create some memorable moments. So try it on a date or at any special occasion. You will surely enjoy the experience of laughing together and sharing memorable times.

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Funny Couples Quiz: How To Use These Questions?

I am sure that, you’ll definitely love this quiz game and I also agree that funny couple quiz questions are the best and can easily be used as a conversation starter.

In case of being asked directly, you can just answer them off the top of your head, but if you want to make a proper plan, you should start arranging the questions into cards and then arranging the answers in a numerical order. You should never ask anything which will put you and your partner in an awkward position, so choose wisely. Only funny questions to ask your partner! You may be interested to even ask funny questions to your boyfriend over texts!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start playing.

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Funny Couples Quiz Questions: Would You Rather?

It is always funny to ask friends “Would you rather?” for some silly answers. Try to get creative with your questions and make people laugh.

  1. Would you rather have mood-colored hair and skin or a face tattoo that depicts your day?
  2. Would you rather walk or bike on water?
  3. Which superpower would you rather have: Superman’s flight or the Hulk’s smashing strength?
  4. Which would you rather smell like: onions or garlic?
  5. Would you rather receive an expensive gift or go on a pleasant date?
  6. Would you rather go without bathing or the internet for a month?
  7. Would you rather find your soul mate or a 5 million-dollar suitcase?
  8. Would you rather be alone and travel Europe or live with your lover in one town?
  9. Would you rather live to 150 and be bored or 50 and exciting?
  10. Would you rather ride an elevator with your ex or your partner’s ex?
  11. Would you rather be a hologram or 2D?
  12. Would you rather eat breakfast in bed or a midnight snack?
  13. Would you rather write a love letter or receive one?
  14. Would you rather have quintuplets or have no kids?
  15. Would you rather have a partner who spits when they talk or chews loudly?
  16. Would you rather date someone whose ex lives next door or someone whose ex’s name is tattooed on their chest?
  17. Would you rather steal Burger King or McDonald burgers?
  18. Would you rather go to Mars and start over, or stay on Earth and deal with the problems that are piling up?
  19. Would you rather give a cheater a second chance, or give someone else a second chance at love?
  20. Would you run into a long-lost ex-lover or an old grumpy boss?
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Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Funny Couples Quiz Questions: This or That?

Are these questions funny or weird? They are both, but in a good way. Just take the fun quiz and find out for yourself!

  1. A child throwing a temper tantrum or dogs making a lot of noise?
  2. Consume orange juice thinking you’re drinking milk, or consume milk thinking you’re consuming orange juice?
  3. Which would it be, truth or dare?
  4. Choose between getting struck in the face or getting tossed in the back.
  5. Influencer on television or on YouTube?
  6. One week of loose stools or one week with no stools at all?
  7. Stressed or depressed?
  8. Cry your eyes out or scream at the top of your lungs?
  9. Chicken soup or green salad?
  10. Frappuccino or ice cream?
  11. What’s worse, a paper cut or a thorn prick?
  12. Eyes watering or nose running more?
  13. Strong coffee or latte?
  14. Which is better: free coffee or free donuts?
  15. Which is better to kiss, a lizard or a frog?
  16. Born without an arm or born without a leg?
  17. RV or yacht?
  18. Calm log cottage or chaotic mansion?
  19. Be on the street or absolutely insane?
  20. Shaved chest or shaved back?

Funny Couples Quiz Questions: Who’s Most Likely To?

When it comes to relationships, people usually don’t know if they are compatible or not. But for some reason, you have a feeling that this guy or girl will make a great couple. Take this fun quiz and find out if your assumptions are correct.

  1. Who is most likely to set a Guinness World Record?
  2. Who is most likely to get drunk and sing karaoke all the time?
  3. Who is most likely to be a real-life superhero?
  4. Who is most likely to do things in public that most other people would find embarrassing?
  5. Who wears the same clothes for a week or more the most?
  6. Who is most likely to have brightly colored hair in their 50s or later?
  7. Who is most likely to call an ex just to mess with them?
  8. Who is most likely to lie during a job interview and have it go horribly wrong?
  9. When giving a speech, who is most likely to tell a bad joke?
  10. Who is most likely to watch content that shouldn’t be seen at work?
  11. Who is most likely to drink a green smoothie in the morning?
  12. Who is most likely to eat ice cream for breakfast?
  13. Who is most likely to work as a party clown as a side job?
  14. Who is most likely to regularly spend money on lottery tickets?
  15. Who is most likely to wait in line patiently at a store?
  16. Who is most likely to do something strange (and maybe even illegal) to pay for school?
  17. Who tends to fall out of a tree the most?
  18. Who is most likely to get knocked out when they walk into something?
  19. Who is most likely to tell a lie that is way bigger than the truth?
  20. When watching a movie, who is most likely to yell at the TV?
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Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS Source: Unsplash

Funny Couples Quiz: Mr & Mrs. Questions

There’s nothing more fun than playing a game where you get the chance to ask questions to each other. Here’s the first one for you: Who is your better half? 😉

  1. What is the one thing that concerns your partner the most?
  2. Which of your partner’s behaviors do you find the most frustrating?
  3. Which of their skills is the most mortifying to witness?
  4. Which piece of the person’s attire do you find most offensive, and why?
  5. In a movie about the two of you, who do you think should play your partner?
  6. What was the most recent movie that made them cry?
  7. Which famous person do you believe your significant other most resembles?
  8. If you were to put yourselves up for auction, which one of you do you believe would bring in the highest money?
  9. What meal do you think your significant other would choose if they were forced to consume it for the rest of their lives?
  10. Who rules your relationship?
  11. Who is more likely to be startled by a spider?
  12. Who do you think will be suffering from the worst hangover following the wedding?
  13. Who is the most hilarious?
  14. Who is least likely to get naked on a night out?
  15. Who is the most uncompromising?
  16. Which of these people is the most irritating when they’re drunk?
  17. Does he have a strong “eggplant”?
  18. What is the topic that causes the most conflict among you?
  19. What did he suggest you’re most likely to go to jail for?
  20. In what style does she want her eggs prepared?

Funny Couples Quiz Questions: Silly and Goofy

It’s always better when people find humor in everyday situations. And what is more fun than playing a couple’s silly and goofy quiz?

  1. Have you peed yourself laughing?
  2. Why is a round pizza delivered in a square box?
  3. Why can you DELETE something from a computer but ERASE something from paper?
  4. If I were a worm, would you still love me?
  5. If I was just a head and could only talk by blinking, would you still love me?
  6. A mail-order bride from Russia or China?
  7. How would you like me to start eating you?
  8. Hey, would you still love me if I didn’t have any arms, legs, or a chest?
  9. If I lost all my teeth, would you still love me?
  10. If I had hiccups all the time, would you still love me?
  11. Which is cuter: me or my socks?
  12. What is your favourite type of owl?
  13. Do you eat or drink snow?
  14. Would you lick cheese off my toes?
  15. If you could dress a hot dog in anything, what would you dress it in and why?
  16. If you were hungry, what would you still refuse to eat?
  17. Your pet’s opinion of you?
  18. Easter bunny or tooth fairy?
  19. Which weekday would you delete and why?
  20. Have girls hit you?
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So, this is the complete list of 100  funny couple quiz questions that’ll make your dates even better! FYI, I am definitely looking forward to trying some of these funny couple quiz questions with my boyfriend (a.ka husband), hehe!

My favourite part is the silly and goofy funny couple quiz questions! What kind of funny couple quiz questions will you be asking? Let me know in the comments below what funny question to ask your partner more!

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