Is KVD Good Apple Foundation Dupe The Answer To Your Prayers?

This foundation has been one of my favorites for years. I have never found a KVD Good Apple Foundation dupe that comes close to the quality of this foundation. But wait till I reveal to you in a bit the best KVD Good Apple Foundation dupes!

Kvd Good Apple Foundation DupePin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS
Kvd Good Apple Foundation DupePin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS


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Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm

  • The Good Apple Foundation Balm is one of the best foundations out there! It’s fast, lightweight, and provides full coverage.
  • It gives your skin a natural finish that looks like you have no makeup on at all!
  • This foundation is amazing! It quickly covers up any blemishes, discoloration, or tattoos. Plus, it lasts all day long without feeling cakey. I love that it feels like I’m not even wearing foundation at all!
  • This vegan foundation is packed with apple extract and sodium hyaluronate to help keep skin nourished and hydrated all day long!

Okay so, I have recently discovered some amazing KVD Good Apple Foundation dupes. If you are looking for a foundation that gives you medium to full coverage and lasts all day, then keep reading to choose your best KVD Good Apple foundation dupe!

But before that, let’s jump a little into the background of KVD Vegan Beauty. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering what vegan beauty even is.

Vegan makeup is a type of makeup that does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This includes ingredients like beeswax and lanolin, which are often found in conventional makeup products. 

Many vegan beauty bloggers recommend using mineral-based foundation and concealer, as these tend to be less likely to contain animal byproducts.

What Is KVD’s Good Apple Collection?

KVD Vegan Beauty is a vegan beauty brand with a tattoo-inspired aesthetic! It’s perfect for anyone who loves badass, tattooed beauties. 

Plus, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free! 

In March 2019, vegan beauty brand Kat Von D released her Good Apple Collection. The collection contains vegan and cruelty-free versions of some of her most popular products, including an eyeshadow palette, foundations, highlighter, and lipsticks. 

The prices for the products in the Good Apple Collection are slightly higher than the prices for the non-vegan versions of the same products, but they are still affordable. The Good Apple Collection was created in response to customer demand for vegan and cruelty-free options from Kat Von D. 

The collection includes a wide range of colors and finishes so that everyone can find something that they love. The eyeshadow palette contains 16 shades, including both neutral and bright colors. The highlighter is a champagne color that can be used on the face or body. 

In case you didn’t know, Von D is the founder of the KVD Good Apple Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that helps provide access to quality education for children in need. 

She started the foundation in 2014, and it’s been going strong ever since. The foundation has already helped over 10,000 kids get an education they might not have otherwise had access to.

Unfortunately, in January 2020, Von D has stepped away to focus on her music career. The brand is now named KVD Vegan Beauty and is owned by Kendo, an innovative beauty brand incubator.

KVD Good Apple Foundation Reviews

There are many lip balms on the market, but none quite like the KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm. This product is made with natural and organic ingredients, including beeswax and avocado oil. Reviewers say that it provides long-lasting hydration and that its subtle apple flavor is a nice change from the usual minty or fruity flavors available.

The KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Hydrating Foundation Balm has quickly become a cult favorite for good reason! The foundation is light but provides buildable coverage, and the balm leaves a dewy finish that looks natural. It also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. 

One tester said, “This foundation is amazing! It’s so lightweight, yet provides great coverage. I love the dewy finish, and it lasts all day.” Another said, “I’m so impressed with this foundation! It’s super light but provides great coverage. The balm gives my skin a beautiful dewy finish that lasts all day.” 

If you’re looking for a hydrating foundation that provides good coverage and a natural finish, the KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Hydrating Foundation Balm is worth trying!

I had the chance to buy it and I love the KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Hydrating Foundation Balm! It provides great coverage and leaves my skin looking smooth and hydrated. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a foundation that provides good coverage and hydration.

Best KVD Good Apple Foundation Dupes

1. Milani Cream To Powder Foundation

Best Kvd Good Apple Foundation Dupes Milani Cream To Powder FoundationPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

I’ve been trying all sorts of foundation dupes and the only one that works for me is this cream-to-powder one from Milani. This is the best KVD Good Apple Foundation dupe, and it gives me perfect coverage and is light, airy, natural, and glowy. If you are a fan of KVD but looking for an alternative, I highly recommend this one from Milani.

Furthermore, if you search the whole internet, everyone swore its goodness compared to the original KVD foundation balm.

In terms of skin type and coverage, this foundation may be too much for some people, but it does cover flawlessly, which is exactly what the best KVD good Apple foundation dupe is known for.

It contains light powders for a smooth base while providing medium to full coverage. For me, it’s the perfect everyday foundation because it doesn’t look cakey at all, even when you apply a lot of coverage. But if you have dry or combination skin, you can still try this out by using a mattifying primer first and adding on this Hoola Bronzer dupe later.

2. Covergirl Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation

Covergirl Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation Kvd Good Apple Foundation DupesPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

This one is the second-best KVD Good Apple foundation dupe on the market. It is very lightweight, and it does not look like you have anything on your face.

On the other hand, it gives you that healthy, glowing, dewy appearance that you want on your skin. It is also a bit cheaper than most other brands, so you will be able to enjoy it without having to sacrifice too much on your bank account.

There’s an insane amount of reviews on this KVD Good Apple foundation dupe, and some of them say it’s better than the original.

3. L’Oréal Age Perfect 4-in-1 Tinted Balm

L'Oréal Age Perfect 4-In-1 Tinted BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

This is the third alternative of the KVD Apple foundation. I find it more sheer and moisturizing. It is good for mature skin as it has a lightweight formula. It leaves the dewy and is more suitable as “skin tinting”.

However, the coverage is not as strong as the KVD Apple foundation but definitely could use this if you’re more into dewy makeup style.

How To Apply KVD Good Apple Foundation Dupes

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your foundation… and also the most out of yourself. Because, really, who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Start by moisturizing your skin. Don’t forget your primer too! These two will help the foundation glide on smoothly and create a more natural look.
  2. Apply foundation in thin layers (1-2 drops depending on the brand) and build up to your desired coverage.
  3. Don’t over-apply. Two or three thin layers are more than enough for most people.
  4. Cover your entire face with foundation, including your neck and décolleté area.
  5. Use a light hand when applying foundation to the under-eye area, as too much can make the area look puffy.
  6. Allow the foundation to dry completely before adding any other products or setting it with powder.
  7. And don’t forget about the tools you can use to apply foundation, like brushes and sponges! Brushes give you more control over the application, while sponges help distribute the product more evenly.

Conclusion On KVD Good Apple Foundation Dupes

To wrap up, if you are looking for a good foundation that matches your skin tone and is affordable, then the best KVD Good Apple Foundation dupes are the foundations mentioned earlier.

They all offer great coverage, long hours of wear, and are easy to find at most drugstores or online. So, whether you are on a budget or just want a different brand than KVD, these are great options to consider!

Have you found another KVD Good Apple Foundation dupe? Let me know below!

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