Score the Perfect Pout with These Summer Fridays Lip Balm Dupes!

Summer Fridays lip balms have become a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts, thanks to their nourishing and hydrating formula. However, with a price tag of $24, they can be a bit pricey for some.

But fear not! I’ve rounded up some amazing Summer Fridays lip balm dupes that will give you the perfect pout without breaking the bank. These dupes offer similar moisturizing benefits and come in a range of delicious flavors, so you can keep your lips soft and supple all summer long.

Get ready to score the perfect pout with these affordable alternatives to Summer Fridays lip balms!

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What is Summer Fridays Lip Balm?

First, let’s shift our attention to the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm (the real product itself). Released in March 30th, this lip balm is a vegan product that contains nourishing ingredients such as Shea and Murumuru-Seed Butters.

However, why is Summer Fridays Lip Balm so good?

People are writing in lots of positive reviews because Summer Fridays lip balm has these natural moisturizers that can provide relief, promote healing, and improve the condition of dry and chapped lips.

Moreover, the balm is formulated with vegan waxes that not only soften the lips but also leave a glossy finish without any greasy residue. Its non-greasy texture and natural vanilla flavor make it a pleasant and enjoyable option for lip care.

Additionally, this balm is available in seven different flavors, providing a wide variety of options for users to choose from.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm ColorsPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS
Lip Butter Balm VanillaPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS



  • Designed to provide a plumping effect on the lips overtime
  • Has a delightful natural vanilla flavor
  • The wax used in this product is vegan and has a non-greasy texture
  • Contains shea and murumuru seed butters, which provide ample moisture for the lips
  •  Available in seven different colors


  • It does not have a long lifespan
  • It is expensive

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Dupes: Budget-Friendly Brands for Luscious Lips!

Alright, let’s move on to the list!

These affordable options will give your lips the same luscious, moisturized feel without breaking the bank.

Whether you prefer a tinted balm or a clear option, I’ve got you covered.

So, say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a perfect pout with these budget-friendly Summer Fridays lip balm dupes!

1. Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm

Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS


Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm – Clear – 0.34 fl oz



The Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm is considered the number one best dupe for Summer Friday’s lip balm for several reasons.

Firstly, both lip balms offer intense hydration and nourishment for the lips. The Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm is formulated with a blend of  phyto-derived esters, shea, cupuacu butter and plant squalane, which deeply moisturize and soften the lips. Similarly, Summer Friday’s lip balm contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter and vegan waxes to provide long-lasting hydration.

Secondly, both lip balms have a smooth and non-sticky texture. The Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm glides effortlessly onto the lips without feeling heavy or greasy. It absorbs quickly, leaving the lips feeling smooth and comfortable.

Additionally, both lip balms offer a natural and subtle sheen to the lips. The Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm provides a healthy glow to the lips, enhancing their natural appearance. You can try the viral trio bundle if you’re looking for the colors similar to Summer Fridays lip balm.

Furthermore, the Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm at $9.99 (in Target) is more affordable compared to Summer Friday’s lip balm, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking for a similar product. Despite its lower price, the Naturium lip balm delivers comparable results in terms of hydration and lip care.

Overall, the Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm is a great dupe for Summer Friday’s lip balm due to its hydrating formula, non-sticky texture, natural sheen, and affordable price. It is an excellent option for individuals seeking a high-quality lip balm without breaking the bank.

2. Cay Skin Lip Balm

Cay Skin Lip BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

Cay Skin

Isle Lip Balm SPF 30



Cay Skin Lip Balm is the second best dupe that matches Summer Friday’s lip balm but with SPF 30.

It has a similar smooth and hydrating formula that instantly nourishes and moisturizes the lips. The lip balm is enriched with nourishing ingredients like Aloe Stem Cells, Sea Moss and Vitamin E, leaving your lips feeling soft and supple.

It also has a subtle hint of color that adds a natural and healthy-looking glow to your lips. The packaging is sleek and travel-friendly, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

3. Benefit Lip Butter Balm

Benefit Lip Butter BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS


Benefit’s Lip Butter Balm Moisturizing Lip Balm



Benefit’s Lip Butter Balm contains shea butter and sunflower seed wax, which help to hydrate and nourish the lips, leaving them soft and supple for 12 hours.

The texture of Benefit’s Lip Butter Balm is shiny, smooth and creamy, gliding effortlessly onto the lips. It provides a comfortable and luxurious feel, just like Summer Friday’s lip balm.

Moreover, it comes in 4 shades to suit different preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle tint or a bold pop of color, Benefit has you covered.

But wait, this is a limited edition so grab this while you can!

4. Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

Laneige Lip Glowy BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS


LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm



Being one of the highest competitor to Summer Fridays lip balm, this Laneige lip glowy balm comes in a high shiny texture.

With ingredients like Murumuru and Shea butter, this lip balm packs a powerful punch of hydration. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to soft, supple perfection. The formula also helps to lock in moisture, so you can kiss goodbye to constantly reapplying.

Now, let’s talk about the shades and flavors. While Laneige may not offer as many options as Summer Fridays, they still have you covered with four delicious choices. Whether you’re a fan of Gummy Berry, Grapefruit, Berry, or Peach, there’s a shade and flavor combo for everyone. And while the tint may not be as intense as Summer Fridays, it still adds a subtle hint of color to your pout.

So, if you’re in the market for a lip balm that will keep your lips feeling hydrated and looking fabulous, give Laneige Lip Glowy Balm a try.

5. E.L.F Lip Balm

Elf Lip BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

E.l.f. Cosmetics

Squeeze Me Lip Balm



E.L.F Squeeze Me lip balm is like a superhero for your lips, swooping in to save the day with its moisturizing powers. This lip balm has a new and improved formula that will make your lips feel like they just took a sip from a refreshing oasis. Moreover, it’s lightweight, so it won’t weigh your lips down, but it still packs a punch when it comes to hydration.

Not only does this lip balm quench your lips’ thirst, but it also gives them a sheer tint of color. It’s like a little pick-me-up for your lips, giving them a subtle pop without being too in-your-face. And the best part? It comes in a convenient squeeze tube with a slanted tip applicator, so you can easily apply it on the go. No more fumbling with a traditional tube or pot of lip balm.

This lip balm is boosted with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and goji berry. Shea butter is a moisturizing powerhouse, while hyaluronic acid helps to lock in hydration. And goji berry? Well, it’s packed with antioxidants to give your lips a little extra love.

This E.l.f lip balm also comes in five delicious scents and shades, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into fruity flavors or prefer a more subtle scent, there’s a lip balm for you. Plus, the sheer tint of color is the cherry on top. This product pairs well with ‘Holy Hydration!’ lip mask, lip exfoliator, and hydrating core lip shine.

6. Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip TreatmentPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

Rhode Skin 

Peptide Lip Treatment



Rhode Skin’s Peptide Lip Treatment is like a little slice of heaven for your lips. This magical formula not only leaves your lips looking glossy and luscious, but it also works hard to nourish and restore dry skin.

With five mouthwatering flavors to choose from – salted caramel, strawberry glaze, watermelon slice, unscented, and rhode vanilla – you’ll never get bored of pampering your pout. And let me tell you, these flavors are absolutely scrumptious. It’s like having a dessert for your lips!

But don’t be fooled by the deliciousness, this lip treatment means business. It’s packed with powerful ingredients that restore and replenish dry lips, while locking in moisture for visibly plumper and softer lips.

And here’s a little insider tip – for an extra plumping boost, apply a thick layer of this lip treatment and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then wipe off any excess before applying your favorite lipstick or lip liner. Trust me, your lips will thank you.

So if you’re in need of a lip treatment that’s both effective and oh-so-tasty, look no further than Rhode Skin’s Peptide Lip Treatment. Your lips will be forever grateful.

7. Milani Fruit Fetish Lip Balm

Milani Fruit Fetish Lip BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

Milani Cosmetics

Fruit Fetish Lip Balm



Another best match to the Summer Fridays butter lip balm is the Milani Fruit Fetish lip balm.

These lip balms are not only hydrating and nourishing, but they also come in six delicious fruit flavors that will leave your lips feeling and smelling amazing.

One satisfied customer couldn’t resist buying all six flavors and had nothing but praise for these lip balms. They noted that the balms have a nice glossy finish, making them perfect for those who want a hint of shine without going overboard. The customer also mentioned that the balms are incredibly hydrating and leave the lips feeling soft and smooth.

What sets these lip balms apart is their impressive ingredient list, which includes nourishing shea butter and fruit extracts. This combination ensures that your lips are getting the essential fatty acids and antioxidants they need to stay healthy and moisturized.

In addition to their hydrating properties and subtle tint, these lip balms can also be used as a primer before applying your favorite Milani lip product. This versatility makes them a must-have in any makeup bag.

8. Tower 28 Beauty Shine On Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss

Tower 28 Beauty Shine On Lip Jelly Non-Sticky GlossPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS


Shine On Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss



Tower 28 Beauty Shine On Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss is like a little tube of magic for your lips. It’s one of those rare glosses that actually moisturizes, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for shine.

The secret to its amazingness lies in the blend of apricot kernel oil, raspberry seed oil, and rosehip oil. Not only do these oils make your lips feel soft and smooth, but they also provide protection against the evil forces of free radicals and environmental damage. Who knew lip gloss could be such a superhero?

And let’s talk about the shine. This gloss gives you that perfect, glassy shine without any stickiness. No more hair sticking to your lips every time there’s a breeze. It’s a non-sticky dream come true.

But it doesn’t stop there. This lip jelly also adds a touch of color, giving your lips a juicy, translucent hue. It’s like a little pop of happiness for your face.

Now, let’s get to the important stuff. This lip jelly is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. So you can feel good about what you’re putting on your lips.

Overall, Tower 28 Beauty Shine On Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss is a must-have for anyone who wants soft, shiny, and happy lips. It’s like a little slice of lip heaven in a tube. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Versed Silk Lip

Versed Silk LipPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS


Silk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil



I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about trying the Versed Silk Lip conditioning lip oil. I mean, lip oil? Isn’t that just fancy talk for a regular old lip balm? But boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

First of all, let’s talk about the texture. This lip oil is like silk on your lips. It glides on smoothly and feels incredibly lightweight. No more sticky or heavy feeling like some other lip balms. And the best part? It actually lasts! No more reapplying every five minutes. I applied a thicker layer before bed, as they suggested, and woke up with the softest, most moisturized lips ever.

But what really sets this lip oil apart is the formula. It’s packed with all-natural ingredients like jojoba, camellia, sesame, and sunflower seed oils, as well as vitamin E. Not only does it condition and smooth chapped lips, but it also provides long-lasting hydration. I can actually feel the moisture on my lips even after the oil is fully absorbed. Talk about a game-changer!

And let’s not forget about the subtle, healthy sheen it gives your lips. It’s not a glossy shine, but rather a natural, healthy glow. Perfect for those no-makeup days when you still want your lips to look and feel amazing.

Now, I have to mention the price. This lip oil is a dupe for the Summer Friday’s lip balm, but at a fraction of the cost. And honestly, I think it performs just as well, if not better. So why spend more when you can get the same results for less?

10. Tower 28 Beauty JuiceBalm Lip Balm + ShineOn Lip Jelly In Chill

Tower 28 Beauty Juicebalm Lip BalmPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS
Shineon Lip Jelly In ChillPin
Loshane | Source: CABANA CATALOGS

Tower 28 Beauty

JuiceBalm Lip Balm + ShineOn Lip Jelly In Chill

$16.00 + $16.00



If you’re a fan of Summer Friday’s lip balm but don’t want to splurge, I have a little hack for you. Mix together Tower 28 Beauty JuiceBalm Lip Balm and ShineOn Lip Jelly In Chill, and you’ll get the same effect!

Tower 28 Beauty JuiceBalm is a vegan tinted lip balm that’s super smooth and packed with healthy ingredients. It’s made with shea butter, mango seed oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Not only does it give your lips a beautiful pop of color, but it also nourishes and protects them.

To amp up the shine, add a layer of Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly. This lip jelly is like a gloss but without the sticky feeling. It’s infused with five nurturing oils to keep your lips hydrated and protected.

By mixing these two products together, you’ll get the perfect dupe for Summer Friday’s lip balm.

Conclusion On Summer Fridays Lip Balm Dupes

Finding affordable dupes for high-end products is always a win! In this case, we’ve discovered some great alternatives to Summer Friday’s butter lip balm that won’t break the bank.

These dupes offer similar hydrating and nourishing effects for your lips, giving you the same smooth and soft results. So, whether you’re on a budget or just love finding a good dupe, these options are worth checking out.

Remember to always do a patch test and read product reviews before making a purchase to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Happy lip balm hunting!

4 thoughts on “Score the Perfect Pout with These Summer Fridays Lip Balm Dupes!”

  1. Oh my god, yasssss!! I’ve been seeing SF lip balm everywhere but who’s got the money to shell out for it? Not me! These dupes are perfff. I already have Laniege which is already a dream, so I think I’ll try Natrium one this time!!

  2. I love how this lip balm is a vegan product! The Tower 28 Beauty Shine is not only suitable for my lips but also for my budget. I appreciate the affordability without compromising on the quality. Thanks for sharing!

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